Our approach

Agile Scrum

Your environment
is in constant change. Therefore, you want to keep your software functionality flexible, so that you can always make adjustments when needed. The Agile Scrum method is the way to a flexible software project.

Scrum in a nutshell

Scrum is a popular project management technique. It allows to change specifications during a project, allows for a short time-to-market and prevents high start-up costs.

In Scrum all possible functionalities of your application collected in a great list, the 'back-log', this is sorted by priority. The functionality that adds the most business value to your company is placed first on the list. The project is then divided into development sprints, of usually two weeks per sprint. The functions at the top of the back-log are developed in a sprint. At the end of the sprint the work is delivered and you have a product with working functionality at that time. You can then start a new sprint with the functionality that currently has the highest priority.


This approach makes sure that functionality that has the most value to you is developed first. Next to that you get the freedom to change project specifications between each sprint or to change the order of to develop functionality. You also get the freedom to pause a project or to start an additional sprint when demand is rising or changing. As a result,costs match with your business value.

This approach has the following advantages;
  • You can change the specifications during the project
  • There are fast results and a short time-to-market
  • Errors are found at an early stage
  • Development costs are predictable

Development cycleNL.png