Matching site for self-employed professionals and clients

Prozzpect is a matching site for self-employed professionals and clients. In addition to matching on 'hard' criteria such as eduction, tariff and experience, the algorithm also takes personal characteristics into account. Personality traits and competences are mapped allowing to create an intelligent match between person and project.


Smartshore developed a sophisticated search algorithm that matches personal character traits with the requirements of the client. "Hard" requirements, such as tariff and availability, are also taken into account but weighted according to the requirements. This results in a match that includes a wide range of aspects and does not exclude people which may not seems suitable at first sight.  A big improvement from the straight-forward search tools which are often used.

The Scrum method of Smartshore gave us control throughout the project. Petro Sen / Prozzpect B.V.


Smartshore provided the complete technical realization of the matching system in Codeigniter. A Scrum approach was chosen to include the client into the development process and allow for changes troughout the project. The result? An efficient and agile partnership that enables Prozzpect to quickly respond to market changes.


Matching engine

Smartshore developed and implemented a search algorithm that filters the ideal match from a huge amount of data. The matching engine associates based on scientific research personal profiles to job profiles. Big data in practice.

Personal showcase

Candidates want to present themselves in an attractive way. Therefore Smartshore extended the system with a personal showcase page. A HTML5 interface allows candidates to design their own page in a very user friendly way. In addition, Smartshore created an import tool, so that candidates can import information from their Linkedin profile into Prozzpect.


The system is future-proof. Firstly, in terms of capacity: the website can handle large amounts of members and visitors. Secondly, in terms of quality: Prozzpect can quickly add new functionality when needed, with a low risk of introducing bugs. Smartshore has specifically designed the technical application architecture to accommodate this.


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