Complete software package for planning, coordination and CRM

Incase develops emergency response and first aid training courses for professionals who work with children from infants to young adults. Think of about 25,000 students who work at daycares and primary schools. Incase gives these courses online and in practice at locations all over the Netherlands.

Incase wanted her entire administration categorized in an efficient software package. That means one solution for the planning of trainings, tracking training results, financial records etc. The company also had to strict requirements for the implementation: this had to be done without any downtime.

In order to maintain our growth, our effectiveness and efficiency needed to be improved. The vast amount of features and technology that we needed were, thanks to the Dutch consultants and the manpower of the team in India, realized in a very short time. Lodewijk Wever / Incase B.V.


Smartshore automated the entire administration process for planning and coordination. Smartshore developed and implemented a comprehensive system following to the SCRUM method. Before each sprint a Smartshore consultant mapped the business process, together with Incase, leading to the software design. Development of the functionality was done at Smartshore India.


With this software package, Incase can coordinate the certification of about 30,000 students, plan practical training and take care of billing. In addition, the system includes a CRM package in which Incase manages data of its clients and students.


Zero downtime

Smartshore migrated a large amount of data from various old systems to the new system-error-free and without affecting the currently used systems. This required perfect timing and preparation. First the migration process was tested in a sandbox enviroment to ensure the process ran flawlessly. The actual migration was done in a few hours. The staff, students and customers of Incase did not noticed a thing: they could continue to use the system during deployment.