Automation of fleet management

The Fleet Managers help companies in the professional management of fleet and other modes of transport. With over twenty five years of experience, they know all about the challenges their clients face. Whether it is a choice for a new supplier, advice on the mobility scheme or the total outsourcing of management: The Fleet Managers solve these issues.

Managing a large amount of vehicles and other modalities, such as mobility cards, is a huge job. Of every vehicle needs to be kept track of who the user is, where to pay the costs, what the terms of the contract are, whether there are damage and returns, and many other details. In addition, The Fleet Managers want to give their clients active insight into the (driving) performance and advice, based on the collected data.

Existing fleet and mobility management systems do not meet the high standards we have. The qualitative functionalities we need to serve our clients have been realised by Smartshore in a short period of time. Smartshore's expertise and proactive thinking have also resulted in new insights. Erik van Harmelen / The Fleet Managers


Smartshore automated processes of managing the fleet and other modes of transport in close collaboration with The Fleet Managers. These include:

  • Closing administration of vehicle allocation and other modalities
  • Processing of contracts and contract adjustments
  • Automatic processing of employee and vehicle mutations
  • Automatic processing and control of billing rules
  • Processing of refueling, shipments, damages and travel information
  • Processing of requests and orders
  • Module for communication with suppliers, client and its employees
  • Dashboard for current insight into cost and performance client
Through this solution, all The Fleet Managers' processes are automated in a secure SaaS web application, with an environment for the manager, client and employees of the client.


The project was conducted with close collaboration between Smartshore and The Fleet Managers based on scrum. 
The Fleet Managers provided knowledge about the best method of fleet management and Smartshore provided knowledge about the most efficient way of automation.

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Better service and ready for the future

With the web application The Fleet Managers can manage their clients efficiently and provide intelligent insights into the fleet and other modes of transport.  Like a personalised dashboard with trends and developments in cost and usage. In addition,
The Fleet Management team can efficiently focus on real fleet management.