New partnership to deliver custom Office 365 solutions


Smartshore has started a partnership with Dutch company Fairpoint. Fairpoint specializes in Office 365 consultancy and Sharepoint implementations. With a strong team in the Netherlands they are able to provide on-premise support. In combination with Smartshore's agile development capabilities, an effective partnership is born.


Smartshore and Fairpoint will jointly provide solutions for Office 365. Think of Office 365 apps to extend the abilities of the Microsoft cloud. But also integrations with iPhone, Android or your website are possible. Fairpoint consultants have direct access to Smartshore developers. Thus reducing communication lines and optimizing the development process.

This collaboration opens new possibilities and functionality for your Office 365 solution. For instance: job applications that go straight from your website into your document management system, mobile apps that give on-the-road employees direct access to company data and corporate intranet portals that work smoothly across all devices with rich interaction. These solutions provide much desired usability to office work and open up a whole range of new possibilities to connect with employees and customers.

To celebrate the new partnership, Smartshore and Fairpoint will host a stand at the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) event at 'Het Kurhaus' in Scheveningen, The Netherlands on June 25th. If you like to meet us there, feel free to contact us for last minute tickets. 

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